Are you one of Surrey’s ‘hidden’ carers, and juggling more than one caring role?

There are many ‘hidden’ carers of all ages in Surrey – that is, people who are providing unpaid care to a partner, family member or friend who is frail, ill or has a disability, but do not realise this makes them a carer.

And perhaps the care they give is for more than one person. For example, they might care for an elderly or frail parent or relative, while also helping out with their grandchildren and trying to balance all this with work and deadlines.

Having multiple caring responsibilities can really take its toll, leaving little time for eating and sleeping well, or for anything else outside of caring such as time for a partner or friends, and having a big impact on overall health and wellbeing as a result.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, take a look at these helpful information resources:

• For information about local carers support organisations where you live, go to
• Call the Adult Social Care Helpline on 0300 200 1005 to find out about the carers’ assessment and carers’ breaks
• Book a carers’ assessment
• Tell your GP about your caring role
• Listen to carers world radio for the latest topics and debate
• Access the council’s free digital offering to carers
• If you’re feeling more pressured than usual, why not meet with your manager and let them know? By being proactive you will feel more in control and this will help you to feel calmer right away; also check your organisation or company’s flexible working policy
• Read the Carers’ pages on the Surrey County Council website and follow signposting to carers’ support organisations
• Register for an Emergency Carers’ Card Service
• Complete this year’s State of Caring Survey by Carers UK. Last year 5,000 carers completed the survey to help make carers’ lives better.